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Panura Rabbit Liver - €5.80

Pieces of rabbit liver coated in crispy breadcrumbs with a nice gruyere cheese. Served on Maltese bread.

Allergies: Gluten Garlic

Asian Platter - €7.50

Enjoy a mixture of Samosas, Tempura Vegetables, Stir fried Noodles, Sunny side up Egg and Chicken Satay sticks.

Allergies: Gluten


Half Rack Rum Pork Loin Ribs - €17.50

Half a rack of slow cooked Pork Loin Ribs finished with a rum glaze

Allergies: Lactose Gluten Onions Spicy Garlic

Pan Seared Fresh Mahi-Mahi (traditional seasonal fish) - €17.50

Fileted Lampuki pan seared and finished off with breadcrumbs and a tomato vinaigrette (dressing) on the side.

Allergies: Lactose Onions Garlic


Bajtar (Prickly Pear) Panna Cotta - €5.50

Fresh bajtar (prickly pear) fresh blended in a panna cotta

Chocolate Sinner - €5.50

Home-made cardamom and hazelnut dark chocolate sorbet accompanied with cinnamon short-bread topped with vanilla pumpkin cream