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The story of the Ta' Celita restaurant

Ta' Celita Sunny Bar and Restaurant is an established family-run restaurant, located in the nothern part of the island. The property was acquired in the late 1920s by Carmelo and Giuseppa (known as Buzunjuwa) Caruana, great grandparents of Rose, nee Caruana, the present owner.
This property was then inherited by their son Carmelo Caruana but unfortunately he died at a young age around the late 1940s, leaving his wife Rosa to raise 10 children. It was Carmelo who named the premises Sunny Bar and Restaurant, at the suggestion of some English patrons. After his death, the property was run by Rosa and her children.
Due to the situation in Malta in the 1960s, when there was great unemployment, Rosa and all her children, except Michael (Rose's father) emigrated to Australia, settling in Melbourne.
In 1966 the property was bought by Michael and his wife Celita. They carried out considerable refurbishment and built another upper storey. The premises now became the present bar and restaurant, serving local traditional food.
The restaurant flourished, becoming well know for its traditional Maltese cuisine, mainly rabbit. Cooking was all done by Celita, helped by her husband Michael and some relatives.
In 2003 the Caruanas' retired and the propery was leased to another Mgarr resident.
Now after almost ten decades, the bar and restaurant begins a new phase, returning to the Caruana family, to be run by Rose and her husband Roberto.
Take-away Menu
Take-away Menu